About me

Hi!!! Let me start off by saying, I despise writing stuff about myself. I feel like I’m leaving things out, or you really don’t want to know my back story. But, if I can be a blessing to someone, I will do it.

Here it goes….my name is Phonicia Palmer, as you can tell by the website. First off, I am a super proud mom of an adorable little boy named Jacob. The story about him is a long book in itself, but know that women who can not have children, if God doesn’t tell you himself that you are barren, man does not have the final say. If you want to know more about that just email me. Moving on..I love God. I’m still a work in progress, but my strength, tenacity, love for people, joy and everything comes from God. I love to travel and meet new people. My parents are my inspiration and they instilled in me to be an honest, hardworking, respectful person and to always treat people how I wanted to be treated.

Alright, enough about personal, let’s get to business. After high school, I worked at Popeyes. I know you are sitting there laughing. Actually, that is where I experienced great work ethic. I wouldn’t take it back for nothing because I have a newfound respect for workers in that industry.

After a year of working at Popeyes, I went into the field that prepared me for where I am today, and that is the banking industry. I started from back office and worked my way up to supervisor in no time. I also ventured into the mortgage industry, where I was a Mortgage Loan Officer for 6 years. I’ve always wanted to do both loans and real estate.

I am living in my purpose now; serving people’s needs. Helping others with the most important asset of their lives. In addition to helping homeowners, future and current, I have another business in Fashion. I love fashion as well. I started my business right out the trunk of my car. I love sewing, creating, and crafting. Also, I am part owner of my husband’s security company in Mississippi, Louisiana and the whole Southern Region. Needless to say, I am a natural born Entrepreneur.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long story. I hope you were inspired.

Let me leave you with my favorite scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1

Phonicia Palmer,

Louisiana Licensed Realtor

(225) 247-5837 cell

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